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Everything you need to know about Among Us

Despite the fact that Among Us was launched in 2018, the truth is that its great boom took place in 2020 and that is that many Twitch streamers and youtubers began to upload games with friends in this game. Its gameplay is really fun and not only for those who play it, viewers are also constantly in suspense to find out who the impostor is or to follow its adventures without being discovered.
That is what Among Us consists of and it is that we are presented with a situation in which the entire crew of a spaceship have to fix it by doing the different missions in order to continue on their way. But, not everyone will agree and there is an impostor among them . That person, or people, will do everything possible so that you do not finish the missions, from sabotaging the ship to murdering their own companions.
With the rise of Among Us, new additional maps have been added to the classic Airship, as well as roles have been added to the characters such as shapeshifters or the engineer , capable of using the trapdoors of the impostors to move around the map. New maps have also been presented and now even their new game modes are succeeding, without losing the essence that has made Among Us successful.

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The enormous success of Among Us has reached the world of video games and this is how we can find a lot of merchandising around the brand that the game developers have created. In turn, the minigames have also echoed this success and that is why you can now find endless online minigames that imitate Among Us perfectly. In addition, many of them are ideal for the little ones since they will be able to get hold of the gameplay of Among Us playing against the machine, which is much easier than doing it against other experienced players.
But, in this great collection of Among Us minigames you will be able to find much more and that is that the crossovers and independent versions have not been long in coming. All this has given rise to our category of Among Us games in which you will have fun with the most classic games and other fun games together with your favorite Among Us characters. You cannot miss the versions of Super Impostor Bros, Ben 10 in Among Us and many other games that are already available on our website.

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Among Us is a game designed and developed in the beginning for mobile platforms, iOS and Android, and for PC, Windows, but its success has managed to make the leap to current platforms such as XBOX or PlayStation. Of course, while the APP for Android and iOS is completely free , on the platforms it will have a cost, although it is very low. If you want to avoid it, you always have the option of being able to play the free versions of Among Us that are found on our website.
Have fun with us and the great adventure of Among Us online , without downloading and totally free. Try each and every one of our Among Us minigames and don't let the fun stop in this ship full of dangers from which you have to try to get out alive. You will get it?