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Angry Birds is a successful video game saga that was born for Smartphones and Tablets in which a group of birds with special abilities had to destroy the buildings where the Bad Piggies were, some pigs that want to eat the eggs of these birds. It was so successful that it has been taken to the big screen with its own film in which they tell us about this invasion of pigs that birds have to suffer. The game mechanics is quite simple, you have a limited number of birds, of different species that you will discover as you progress, with which you will have to collapse the structures where the Bad Piggies are. If you make something heavy fall on it, the pig will disappear and it will also disappear if you manage to hit it with a bird directly. The fewer birds you use to kill all the pigs on the level, the better your score will be.
Start using the slingshot to target your enemies, setting the power and direction each bird will take. In addition, you can use their abilities by clicking one more, such as the black bird that drops a large bomb. Enjoy the classic Angry Birds games in all their versions or some adaptations that bring Angry Birds characters to other games such as platform games. Help the Angry Birds beat the Bad Piggies!

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