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What is it and how to play Five Night Funkin?

Five Night Funkin, also known by its acronym FNF, is a successful skill game that was released in 2020 on digital platforms such as Newgrounds and Undoubtedly, much of its success is due to the fact that it has brought back a very popular gameplay in the 2000s thanks to games like Guitar Hero or Stepmania, among others.
Many people have come to confuse FNF with another of the funniest games of recent years, Five Nights at Freddy's, whose initials are FNAF. But really, the only thing they have in common is that the game activity takes place for weeks, since the first is a game of skill and dance and the second is horror.
Here your goal will be to beat your rivals with Boyfriend and Girlfriend , the main characters of the game. To do this, you must press the directional arrows at the correct moment, just when they pass through their marks, since only then will we be able to synchronize our steps with the music and get the best score.
The original story tells us how Boyfriend wants to conquer Girlfriend, but things will get difficult when her father, Daddy Dearest, is not going to allow this to happen, so they will have a dance duel. However, it is the FNF mods created by fans that have given this game the most popularity since they have created crossovers with well-known characters such as Sonic, Mario, Mickey Mouse and much more, although we will see this better in the next section.

Discover the funniest FNF mods on the net

The original FNF game gave rise to a lot of mods that have been appearing since 2020. In them, the gameplay that they have brought back is followed since it is the grace of the game, but when it comes to introducing new music and characters to the adventure fans are the best choice with their mods. This is how we have been able to experience crossovers as intense as the visit of Sonic in all its variants (Dark Sonic, Sonic.EXE, etc.), but also his inseparable companion Mario Bros.
Characters from other very famous video games of the moment have also made their appearance in FNF mods . Famous in this sense are the games of FNF vs Cuphead and Mugman, FNF vs Huggy Wuggy or the definitive crossover with FNF vs FNAF.
Many are the characters who have already gone through this dance adventure offered by FNF and have put their skills at your disposal to beat Boyfriend . It's time for you to discover this and much more in this category of games dedicated to Five Night Funkin.

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Now that you have all the information about this game, it's time for you to get to work and start challenging Boyfriend in his fabulous online dance duels . You're going to have to show great skill when it comes to pressing the right keys at the right time to get the best score. You have limited lives to achieve the objective, so if you miss a lot you can lose the game.
At we have a wide collection of FNF games, both in their original mode and many other versions and modifications that have proliferated due to their great success. The best thing is that we have included everything on our website so that you do not miss out on the most fun of your favorite game at the moment. We continue to update with new FNF mods daily and we recommend you stay tuned so you don't miss the news regarding Five Night Funkin games online !