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The Incredible World of Gumball is a very funny animated series whose main protagonist is Gumball and the rest of the characters in his family. This family is made up of 4 more people apart from Gumball, a blue cat who has a great ability to get into trouble. The rest of the components are the father, Richard Watterson, a pink rabbit who has the mentality of a teenager and who hates his job, being a little lazy in his duties. Nicole Jennifer Watterson is the mother of the family, a blue cat whose highest aspiration is that her children have a good education. The youngest of the family is Anais Watterson, a pink rabbit who, despite being four years old, is the most intelligent in the family. Finally, we have Darwin, Gumball's faithful pet who accidentally undergoes a mutation and now has legs, arms and a big brain, he will be Gumball's most faithful companion on all his adventures.