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Sonic's faithful companion is ready to live his adventures in Sonic Tails 🔥

Everything you need to know about Sonic's inseparable friend, Tails

Tails is Sonic's inseparable friend who accompanies him on his adventures since Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and today is a recurring and playable character in SEGA's hedgehog video games. Nintendo has also been able to take advantage of this character by adding it to the classic crossover games with the most recognized characters from its video games. We are talking about the classic Smash Bros, in which Tails is a playable character in its most recent versions for Nintendo 3DS, Wii U or Nintendo Switch.
Within Sonic's story, Tails will be introduced to us as a sad fox who was treated badly by everyone because of his malformation, having two tails. However, Sonic was able to see the potential that young Tails had and decides to add him to his team to carry out his adventures against Dr. Robotnik.
Just as Tails convinced the public to star in their own games, in the world of minigames he also has a large number of followers and that is why you will find a great collection of games in this Tails Sonic category on our website. Do not wait any longer to start the unprecedented adventures of the SEGA fox that are only available on the Internet.

The Best Online Sonic and Tails Games

Without a doubt, the most famous character in SEGA's video games is the blue hedgehog Sonic, but as you know if you've played their games, he's not alone in his adventures. One of his most faithful companions is the yellow/orange fox named Tails, named after one of his hallmarks: he has two tails instead of one. The real name of Sonic's companion fox is Miles Prower, but everyone ended up knowing him by his nickname Tails and this has been since he made his first appearance in the Sonic games.
We met the famous Tails in the second installment of Sonic the Hedgehog and he was simply a secondary character with little to highlight. It was already in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 when the ability to fly using its two tails like the propellers of a helicopter was added to this character. To make a comparison between what were two great rivals of the minigames, Tails would be to Sonic what Luigi would be to Mario Bros.
The evolution of both characters has been very similar and both began to star in their own video game saga. This is how we find titles like Tails Adventure from Game Gear or Tails and the Music Maker, from SEGA Pico. Sonic's secondary characters have also had their moment of glory and it has not only been Tails, but also the famous Shadow from SEGA's adventures of the blue hedgehog. All of this is available on our website, where Tails has also made a name for itself with its funniest games on the web.

Enjoy our collection of Sonic Tails Games

Get ready for the unprecedented adventures of Sonic Tails on our website with this selection of games in which both characters will need each other to achieve their goal. We have original games thanks to the simulators of retro consoles, but other very classic ones that have been embellished with the characters of this video game classic.
We invite you to try all the fun that we have prepared for you in the collection of Sonic Tails games on our website. Don't let them tell you and overcome these new challenges that are about to take place on the Internet.

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