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Free Fire or the Best Battle Royale for Mobile 🔥

What is Free Fire?

Still don't know Free Fire? We are convinced that most of you will know about the existence of Garena Free Fire, considered the best Battle Royale game for mobile phones, to the point of being the mobile game with the highest number of downloads worldwide in 2019. In addition , has a record since in 2020 the users who connected to the game daily were quantified at 80 million.
With the rise of battle royale games like Fortnite or PUGB, developers began looking for the mobile alternative that best suited the theme. This is how Free Fire was born, which was first released for Android and then for IOS by Garena.
The success was immediate due to the great job that the company did to adapt the online multiplayer gameplay of a Battle Royale to devices with less capacity such as mobile phones. Following its success, the company offered Free Fire Max, an improved version of Free Fire that came out at the end of 2021. Now, you can enjoy the best online mini-games that have been based on Free Fire to create their adventures. . All this and much more, now available on our website.

How to Play Garena Free Fire

All those who have already tried the Battle Royale game mode will be quite clear about what the gameplay of Garena Free Fire consists of, although this time the conditions are modified for performance reasons. In Battle Royale on PC and consoles, the players in rooms are usually 100, but in the mobile game it will be 50. Players will parachute to an island full of weapons where they must survive. The game modes are also clear to us as in the rest and that is that you can play alone, in duos or in squads (4 players).
When falling onto the field of play, we recommend that you be quick when it comes to finding weapons to be able to defend yourself. You will also need priests and protective objects such as helmets or bulletproof vests. To encourage confrontations, the zone will be reduced and the players will have to move to the safe zone, until it is very small and the last survivors have to face each other without excuses.
After 6 years in the world of mobile games, Garena Free Fire has continued to update its game and bring news such as the new Bermuda map that was implemented in 2021. In order to enjoy the best of Free Fire, you can download the original game on your devices or have fun with the online mini-game versions of Free Fire that we have on our website.

The Free Fire Minigames that you cannot miss

You already know that to play Free Fire you will have to download the original application on your mobile devices, Smartphone or Tablet, but you should also know that you have free options on our website that perfectly imitate the gameplay of Garena Free Fire. In addition, its characters are already gaining a place in the world of minigames and we can see them in classic games like Memory Cards.
Platforms like Roblox or Kogama have also echoed the success of Free Fire and have created maps set in this mobile Battle Royale. If you want to know everything we can offer you in Garena Free Fire games, we recommend that you pay attention to the updates that will take place on our website.

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