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The History of Goku that you should know

Among our followers we believe that few people will not know the Saiyan warrior Goku, or Son Goku, protagonist of the anime and manga Dragon Ball. It is one of the most famous anime series in the world and its success led him to make the leap into the world of video games. Although on our website we already have a category dedicated to Dragon Ball, the truth is that Goku is the solo protagonist of many online games and that is why we are also going to create this corner to compile the best Goku games online.
The figure of Goku was based on a previous work called Journey to the West in which a protagonist in the form of a monkey is presented with a staff and a flying cloud. These items were transferred to Goku who, although given a human appearance, retained the monkey tail. The anime went around the world and Goku is one of the most recognized characters in the manga world around the world.
Goku's story begins when he arrives on earth in a spherical ship, because we must remember that despite his image, Goku is an alien. Goku's abilities will be shown as the story progresses, although we can highlight his ability to transport himself from one place to another in seconds. If you want to know the rest, we invite you to start your own adventure with the funniest Goku games on the Internet.

Epic Battles of Saiyan Warriors in Goku Games

Within the Dragon Ball saga we learned what the Saiyan warriors were, a species from another planet with highly developed fighting skills. The truth is that Goku is one of them, but due to a blow to the head he has forgotten everything. Unlike the rest of the Saiyans, Goku does not have that aggressive nature that characterizes them and that is why he is presented to us as a fun, jovial boy with very good feelings.
When he discovers his truth and the importance of the abilities and powers he possesses, the great fight to save humanity will begin. All this is perfectly explained in the anime series, but if you want to continue learning more, we invite you to join the adventures that their funniest video games tell us.
Without a doubt, Goku and Dragon Ball are one of the most played categories on our website and that is because, no matter how much time passes, these classics do not go out of style. Get ready to live the most epic adventures with the Saiyan warriors in the more than 70 Goku games that we have on the web for you. Get ready for the great adventure with Goku, his friends and also his most famous enemies that we will have to face. Prepared? The fight begins now.

The Best of Goku Online Games on our website

Now that you know who the protagonist of these video games is, it's time for you to get down to work and start enjoying the funniest titles in this category of Goku games. Undoubtedly, the fighting theme will be the predominant one in Goku games since we will have to put Goku's Saiyan warrior skills to the test.
The most epic fights between Saiyan warriors will take place on our website and examples of this are the confrontations between Goku VS Cell, Goku VS Vegeta or the crossovers in which Goku will face off against superheroes like Superman.
In addition, thanks to the online retro console simulators you will be able to recall the best official adventures of Goku in his most famous games such as Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout or Dragon Ball Supersonic Warriors, among others. If you are a fan of this Saiyan warrior, you are already taking a long time to try the more than 70 Goku games that we have on our website.