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Conquer Jasmine with Aladdin 🔥

Travel to Agrabah to meet Aladdin and the other characters from this great Disney classic. The story of Aladdin tells us how a young man who survives in this city as he can becomes the lover of the Sultan's daughter. It all starts when Aladdin is tricked by Jafar, the Sultan's adviser who plans to marry the daughter to inherit the throne, and makes him go into a cave to retrieve a treasure he needs. In that cave, Aladdin, accompanied by his inseparable monkey friend Abu, will find his most precious objects, a magic carpet and the magic lamp that has a genie inside. He has her make him a prince so he can meet the Sultan's daughter, Jasmine, and stand as a candidate for her hand. Everything goes awry when Jafar puts the Sultan under a curse and forces Jasmine to marry him. It is then that Aladdin will have to undertake a great adventure to save the city of Agrabah from the evil Jafar.
Live amazing adventures with Aladdin and help him complete them all successfully. Do you remember the classic Aladdin PS1 game? Well, now you can enjoy it on our website totally free and without downloading any emulator to your PC. You can also drive the magic carpet or have fun with the games of coloring, kissing and finding the differences in images from the movie. Ride on the magic carpet and let yourself be carried away by the magical world of Aladdin!

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