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Donkey Kong's Great Adventure 🔥

Everything you need to know about Donkey Kong

Who doesn't know Donkey Kong? He is one of the most recognized Nintendo characters of all time and now he also has his own space on our website in which we will compile the best Donkey Kong online games. Many know the famous gorilla, but not everyone knows that his story begins as an antagonist character in a Nintendo classic, Mario Bros.
Donkey Kong was the villain of the Mario Bros game and was in charge of throwing drums at his enemy so that he could not climb to his position. Despite his antagonistic role, Donkey was very loved by the general public and this is how he would begin his own solo career. It was in 1994 when the first Donkey Kong Country title was released for the Super Nintendo console. The games in the saga did not stop growing and the presence of Donkey Kong in games like Mario Kart was also a constant.
When Donkey Kong became the protagonist of his own adventures we also met everyone around him, such as Diddy Kong, Cranky Kong or Dixie Kong, to name a few. There are many games that we are going to find with Donkey Kong and the rest of his family and this character became Nintendo's mascot until the arrival of the famous Mario Bros. Would their enmity come from there? The truth is that today it is very common to see them sharing games, we even saw Donkey Kong in the recently released Mario Bros. movie.

Donkey Kong Classics now on the Internet

The Donkey Kong adventures that you will find for the different platforms are very numerous and the Nintendo gorilla has more than 50 games dedicated to his saga. The games have been adapted to different consoles, from desktop to portable. This is how we can find Donkey Kong games on Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo or on newer platforms like Wii U or Nintendo Switch. Likewise, the Donkey Kong games were a success on portable platforms such as Game Boy, Nintendo DS or the 3DS.
The great Donkey Kong video game saga had its beginning in the title Donkey Kong Country and that game is available on our website thanks to the online retro console simulators. These simulators give us the opportunity to once again enjoy the most classic adventures of the Donkey Kong games. On our website you will be able to remember the adventures of Donkey Kong from Nintendo 64 or Donkey Kong vs Mario Bros.
Yes, the adventures of Donkey Kong and Mario Bros are very united and share several games such as Mario Kart, Maroi Tennis or Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, since in all of them Donkey Kong is a character available to play. If you want to know more about the Donkey Kong games, continue on our website.

The Donkey Kong Minigames that are successful on our website

The general public loves Donkey Kong and this has led him to make the leap into animated series and a large amount of merchandising on the market. Likewise, it has become a classic in online minigames and there are many adventures that have been created in the wake of this fantastic character.
To our collection of online Donkey Kong games we must also add all those classic titles that come with retro console simulators, both the official ones and those hackrom versions created by fans and exclusive to the network.
The time has come to stop talking and start joining the Donkey Kong action in these games that we have prepared for you.

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