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Dora the Explorer is a 7-year-old girl who is always accompanied by her pet Boots, a 5-year-old monkey that follows her on all her adventures. It is a very educational series since Dora always tries to teach children new things and invites them to interact with her with questions and spaces for everyone from home to answer them. She is a girl of Latin origin who is going to carry out thousands of adventures while teaching languages to the little ones. In Spain and Latin America, Dora teaches English to the little ones so that they get used to that language, while in the US version she teaches them Spanish. In all her adventures, Dora is looking for something she has lost or an object she has to find in order to overcome obstacles and reach her destination. The path will be guided by the Map, another of the main characters with the backpack. Dora's enemy is Swiper, a thieving fox who always steals the items Dora and Boots need to continue on their way.

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