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Survive in the fashionable Battle Royale 🔥

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More than 5 years have passed since Fortnite Battle Royale broke into the world of video games to cause a great revolution. Supported by a game mode that was gaining followers, Battle Royale, Epic Games launches the beta version of its game totally free and that's where the madness breaks out. Every day thousands of new players are added to the platform until it becomes the great sales success it is today.
As we tell you, the Battle Royale version of Fortnite is completely free and you just have to go to its official website to download it easily , either on PC, consoles or even on mobile devices. Everyone will be able to enjoy this game for free and quite easy to download and install.
The time has come for you to face the battle of Fortnite Battle Royale and it will be your choice if you prefer to do it alone, in duos or accompanied by a squad (4 players).

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Everyone knows that when you get copycats it's because you're succeeding and that's exactly what happened to Fortnite. In the world of online minigames, they have not let go of the great pull that this Battle Royale is having around the world and they have gotten down to work to offer us very fun versions that can help us change our gamer routine.
Don't expect great graphics, but expect lots of fun in versions of and other online games that build on the success of Epic Games to develop new ideas. In our catalog you will also be able to have fun with Fortnite painting games, Guess Who in Fortnite games and many others.
In addition, construction is a vital part of Fortnite and what makes it different from the rest, although the version of Fortnite without construction for the less skilled has recently been implemented. But, if you are faithful to the original game and want to practice your construction skills in Fortnite, we offer you fantastic simulators that will be very effective for you. Are you going to miss them?

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No, Fortnite has not invented a different game mode, it already existed and was known as Battle Royale, even the famous PUBG appeared before the Epic Games title. This game mode is also known as The Hunger Games , after the literary saga that was made into a film, since the objective of the game is not to be the one who gets the lowest kill or the one who shoots the best, but to be the last one alive in the play field. You can literally only kill the last one and it's up to you to win.
Fortnite is available to play solo, in duos or in squads (teams of 4 people) and you will have to jump from the battle bus, choose a destination to drop and start stocking up on weapons, healing and the rest of the items that will help you survive.
Can you be the last player alive in Fortnite Battle Royale? prove it!