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Protect your chips and beat your opponents 🔥

Do you know the classic Parcheesi board game?

Ludo is another of the great classics in board games and now you can enjoy it online, without registering or downloading. It is a game that can be played by up to 4 players, although there are also board variants for 6 and 8 people. Each participant is assigned a color and four tokens for each color. We will start with an outside chip with which to start going around the board, looking to turn it around completely and put it in the square indicated for your color. If you get a 5 you can get a new tile and if you have two on your starting square you will build a barrier that can prevent the advance of your rivals. There are protected squares in which your opponents cannot eat you but in the others they can. If an opponent eats you, you will return to the starting square until you roll a 5 to come out again, and you will also have 20 movements to use with one of your chips.
The mechanics of the classic Parcheesi game are that easy and simple, and we are convinced that the vast majority of you already knew what the rules were. In any case, we wanted to make this brief summary for the most clueless or for those young gamers who are unaware of these great classics that are still very valid today.

Where to play ludo online?

If you are looking for a website where you can enjoy multiple different ludo games, you are in the right place and that is because at we have the titles that are attracting people the most in recent times. This is the case of Ludo, a classic Parchís that has been baptized with this name and that has now become well known worldwide, thanks also to its application for mobile devices.
Yes, taking out the ludo board and the chips has become very outdated and now everyone prefers to play online . If you and your friends have the game on your mobile phones, you can create rooms for yourselves and face very exciting games.
So look no further because you've come to the right place to start enjoying the best Parcheesi games on the Internet. Are you going to miss them?

Play Parcheesi solo or Online Multiplayer Parcheesi?

The best thing is that in our games you will have the opportunity to choose if you prefer to play ludo alone , facing off against the machine, or if you want to do it online multiplayer. Both options are available in the different games that you have available on our website. For all those who seek strong emotions, facing other people may be the best option, while if you can't stand the competition, doing it against the machine will be your solution.
Take a look at our category of parcheesi games and try them out to find out which one best suits what you are looking for. And do not forget that at we work daily updating the games, so we will be up to date in terms of online ludo games . Follow us so you don't miss anything!

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