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Collect all the rings together with Sonic 🔥

Who is Sonic the Hedgehog?

We do not believe that at this point there is any video game addict who does not know Sonic, the hedgehog from SEGA that became the emblem of the brand and that continues to reap success decades after its first appearance. When SEGA and Nintendo were fighting to lead the sector, the former took out Sonic thinking that he would be the only one who could compete against Nintendo's Mario Bros and that's how it was.
Sonic's adventures are very popular and it is that they do not lose their essence after so many years, this is something that we are going to discover very soon since Sonic Frontiers is the latest title in the saga and will be released in November 2022 .
His distinctive mark is that he is a character with great speed, which he will use to travel the worlds of his games while collecting as many gold rings as possible and facing the minions of the evil Eggman, his archenemy. Over time we have seen how the great competitors, Mario and Sonic, have joined forces and have starred in multiple games together such as Sonic and Mario in the Olympic Games .
His popularity has continued to grow thanks to other factors such as having starred in several animated series, including Sonic Boom, and having made the leap to the big screen with the movie Sonic and Sonic 2 . All this has ensured that Sonic continues to be very present in the world of video games, also in online mini-games, as you can see with the more than 200 games on our website that have Sonic as the protagonist.

Most Popular Sonic Games Online

Although cinema and television have collaborated in the fame of the SEGA hedgehog, Sonic, the truth is that if he is known for something, it is for his video games. Since the first one made an appearance, it cajoled millions of players around the world with its peculiar way of carrying out the adventure, always running and in search of survival.
In our catalog of Sonic games you will be able to recall the most classic adventures such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 3, Sonic Advance or Sonic Labyrinth , among others. In order to offer you the original titles, we've got hold of a retro console simulator that will allow you to relive Sonic's adventures that took place on platforms like the GBA, Megadrive or the NES, among others.
Not only will you find the great Sonic classics, we are also going to offer you the best Sonic hackrooms online. These are versions of original games that have been modified by fans to give it a new twist and to continue enjoying the best Sonic adventures online. To all this we must add the large number of Sonic online minigames and that you can only play on pages like

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If you are already clear that you want to start your adventure with Sonic at we have a wide selection for you to choose from among the more than 200 Sonic games that we have on our website. Playing at is easy and simple, as well as free and without additional downloads on your PC or mobile devices.
That is another great advantage of our website and that is that we offer games that are mostly compatible with mobile browsers. So you only need an Internet connection to enjoy the Sonic games on wherever and whenever you want. Are you going to miss it?