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Fight for Senpai's love as Yandere 🔥

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The PC game Yandere Simulator achieved great success thanks to the fact that a large part of the YouTube community included it in the content of their channels. Many youtubers made a series on their channel with this fun and bloody game to try to help Yandere Chan win over his Senpai . It's a stealth game in which you'll have to use all the tools at your disposal to finish off all the school's rivals. The fact is that Yandere is very much in love with a boy from her school, Senpai, and she doesn't want any other girl to get close to her. If someone gets between them, they will end up being targeted by Yandere and their days will be numbered. Help Yandere to conquer his Senpai on our website.
In total, the game lasts 10 weeks since each week a new girl will fall in love with Senpai and become our goal. You will have to finish her before arriving on Friday or she will declare herself to Senpai, being able to take it away from our protagonist. Don't let that happen and start your own adventure in Yandere Simulator .

How to play Yandere Simulator

Yandere Simulator's game mechanics are simple and we're going to have to accompany Yandere to school every day. There we can go to classes, improve our skills and meet people, without losing sight of our goal, which will be to conquer Senpai . But it won't be an easy task since there are many girls interested in this handsome young man, so we'll have to get rid of her to achieve our goal.
To do this, you can perform various tricks in the game, from the simplest, murder, to more complex ones such as blackmail or kidnapping. Anything goes to carry out your macabre plans against anyone who dares to come between Senpai and Yandere.
All this with the adrenaline of not being discovered at any time or the police will go after you, they will expel you from the institute and you will have failed in your mission. Hide the bodies, get rid of the blood on your clothes and go unnoticed to continue the adventure.

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Yandere Simulator is a game classified as for adults due to the crudeness of its history and the bloody nature of the video game, but the truth is that having reached so much public thanks to youtubers and streamers, its popularity has not been long in coming among the youngest sectors. . They may not be ready to play the original Yandere Simulator , but they will be ready to play alongside their protagonists in the online mini-games they'll find on the web.
We present you the Yandere Simulator Visual Novel game or the lightest adventures of Yandere in High School. In addition, we offer you games as fun as puzzles, painting Yandere Simulator or the Kogama and Roblox maps that are set in this adventure. You can't miss them!

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