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Yoshi becomes the protagonist of these Online Adventures 🔥

Who is Yoshi from Mario Bros Adventures?

Fans of Nintendo games surely know perfectly who Yoshi is, even if it is simply by sight or having tried one of the Mario Bros games, since it is one of the most recurring characters that accompany the plumber on his adventure. But who is Yoshi and where did he come from? Well, his real name is Yoshisaur T. Munchakoopas and he descends from the race of Yoshis, which are characterized by being each one of a color, our protagonist being green.
We first met Yoshi in the 1990 Super Mario World adventure that came out for the Nintendo SNES. In the beginning, Yoshi was simply the partner of Mario Bros and getting it gave us an extra life if an opponent attacked us, plus you could swallow enemies with Yoshi's huge tongue.
Soon Yoshi will begin his solo journey, starring in his own video game saga in which we were able to learn a little more about him and the history of his species. All this and much more is what you will be able to find in this collection with almost 30 Yoshi games in which he will be the main protagonist of the adventures.

Yoshi stars in his own games on our website

As we tell you, Yoshi's irruptions in the Super Mario games were more and more frequent, in addition to being introduced in other Mario Bros series such as Mario Party, Mario Kart, Smash Bros or Super Mario sports games. All this, in the end, led him to star in his own saga that would begin in 1991 with the game Yoshi, which would be followed by Yoshi's Cookie and Yoshi's Safari.
Undoubtedly, a game that marked a before and after is Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, since here we learned more about the history of Yoshi and the rest of the dinosaurs of his species for the first time. It is a prequel to Super Mario World in which we are introduced to a baby Mario that Yoshi must protect.
Later, new installments were released for the Nintendo platforms that were beginning to be born, such as Yoshi's Island DS, for Nintendo DS, or Yoshi's Crafted World published for Nintendo Switch. And to all these we will have to add the Yoshi online minigames that are crowding the network. Yoshi is a character that is very loved by the general public and that translates into all these Yoshi online minigames.

The Yoshi Games that you cannot miss

Get ready because we are going to live the best adventures in the Yoshi games that we have compiled in this new category of the web. As we told you, Yoshi is an endearing character and that is why he stars in such classic games as Yoshi coloring games, Yoshi puzzle games or Memory Card games, among others.
Also, thanks to online retro console simulators we will be able to enjoy classic Yoshi games like Yoshi's Island 2 or hackrom versions created by fans like Yoshi Saves Summer Vacation. On the other hand, can you imagine Yoshi in the world of Sonic? Well, here it is a reality with the Yoshi game in Sonic 2.
All this and much more awaits you to give you a fun-filled afternoon with Yoshi and his friends. Get ready for the best of this Nintendo dinosaur and enjoy our selection of the best Yoshi games online.

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