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Live like a real king in the castle 🔥

The Middle Ages were the age of castles, feudal lords and kings. The castle was the home of those lords and kings of the time, it was the place where they felt safe and around this castle the city was built, where the villagers were who provided products to the wealthy classes of the time. When war conflicts occurred, one way to demonstrate your power was by destroying your rival's castle, or taking it over to add it to your domains.
Now you can enjoy the castle wars that you will have to carry out so that your lord continues to dominate the territory. You will be able to carry out battles between opposing kings, each one from his castle. You will also be able to build castles to your liking and show that you could have been a great architect of the time. One of the most famous castles are those of the evil Bowser in the Mario Bros games, and here you can also have fun in them. Start your adventure in the time of castles!