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Mario Bros is one of the most classic characters in the world of video games and not only because of his platform games and adventures, but also because of many others that gave him much of the fame he has today. Its games have been able to stay very well over time and Mario Bros is a video game icon for several generations. One of his best-known sagas is that of Mario Kart and it is precisely this that we are going to talk about today. We have created a category on our website, which already has more than 30 titles, for the Mario Kart games that we can find on the web.
Racing games have always been successful and the people at Nintendo saw the perfect opportunity to mix two worlds that worked very well for them: racing and Super Mario. This is how Mario Kart was born, a success since its first edition since you could run on the different circuits with any character from the saga. Many other characters were added to these characters as new installments came out. The success is still valid and we can see it with Mario Kart 8 for Nintendo Switch. It is one of the best-selling games of this franchise and, in part, it is thanks to the updates that are being added with new maps and the online multiplayer mode.
Now the Mario Kart games have made the leap to the Internet and there are multiple titles that imitate the gameplay of Mario Kart, in addition to the hackrom games that we can enjoy thanks to online retro console simulators. All this and much more, in our category of Mario Kart games on the web.

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If Mario Kart stands out in something, it is in its circuits since they are very fun and we will be presented with different game modalities. If you opt for the most classic, the Grand Prix, you will have to face each grand prix that is made up of 4 circuits. Within the circuits you can also choose the difficulty depending on the displacement, being available: 50 cc, 100 cc and 150 cc. Likewise, you can have fun with other game modes such as versus, battle mode or time trial mode.
As new versions of the game came out, many improvements were implemented, such as being able to customize the vehicles, having a special one for each character. The characters have also been changing and we can even find Donkey Kong and company, since this gorilla began his career as a villain in the Mario Bros. saga.
But the best thing to know all the secrets about the Mario Kart video game saga is to relive them as soon as possible with the titles that we offer you on our website.

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Since the first Mario Kart title for the Super Nintendo console appeared in 1992, it became a sales success and new titles were released for the company's different consoles. This is how we can find Mario Kart for Game Boy Advance, the versions for NIntendo DS or the latest ones for Nintendo Switch.
On our website you will be able to get hold of a large collection of Mario Kart games, from those created by fans to other original ones that we can offer you thanks to online retro console simulators. All this for free and without having to download anything to your devices. Enjoying Mario Kart games has never been as easy as we make it now on our website, don't miss it!