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The different game modes of Garry's Mod 🔥

How to play Garry's Mod

The Garry's Mod has its historical version but its versions are the ones that have been most successful on the net. We will all know the Gmod Death Run version, which has been covered even in GTA V Online, a kind of team gymkhana in which you will have to survive. One team has to run avoiding obstacles while the other is activating the different mechanisms to set the traps in motion and catch the rival team. On the other hand, we find Garry's Mod Prop Hunt, the classic hide-and-seek game taken to the virtual world. In this game there are two teams, on the one hand the hunters and on the other those who hide. You have a few seconds to turn into any item of furniture on the stage to hide and avoid being discovered by hunters. After time, if the hunters fail to find all of the rival team, they will have lost. Finally, we have the classic Gmod Trouble in Terrorist Town, the game in which you are all part of the same team but one, or several, are traitors. The traitors will have weapons and must kill the innocent without the rest noticing, so as not to reveal that they are the traitors.
The original Garry's Mod game has been so successful that many of its game modes have been carried over to other titles, as well as making the leap to online minigames that have taken and replicated the mechanics of these game modes. to offer it for free online. All of them already available in Games. net, you can't miss it!

The best GMOD Online minigames

As we told you at the beginning, GMOD is an open world sandbox game that completely lacks objectives and missions. This is how the game modes took a leading role since they included something different and fun from the multiplayer mode. It is precisely these minigames that have brought the most fame to the game and that is why they have been replicated in online minigames.
One of the most fun games on our website is the Prop Hunt that they offer us from Y8 in which you can become any object in the room and hide from the hunters. Without a doubt, another of the most popular are the Death Runs, paths of death in which you have to survive the obstacles and reach the end.
All this and much more is now available on our website so you don't miss out on trying the best of Garry's Mod completely free of charge .

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You can find the original Garry's Mod game on various platforms such as Steam itself, among others, but if you don't want to risk spending money on a game without knowing its mechanics well, you can always choose to use its free versions in the minigames on line of websites such as
You already know that the most fun game modes in Garry's Mod are Prop Hunt or Death Run and on our page you will find games like these that will convince you whether to play the original or continue enjoying these free versions online. Join the adventure!

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